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Sunday, 3 November 2013

My new Gorilla tail pad

I recently received the new killer Ozzie Wright tail pad made by Gorilla. What an awesome design on it! In true Ozzie Wright style its a tie dye print with extra side grip for those wide bottom (fishy) surfboards.

The pad was super easy to apply as it is just one piece (two side pieces if you desire) , cant wait to show this off in the surf.

You can now purchase the Ozzie Wright Gorilla tail pad online from Gorillas new Surf Hardware website.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Northern Beaches

For how close the northern beaches of Sydney is to me, i have not really surfed any spots up there. I caught up with good friend, Mark Clinton last weekend to get the full tour of the place. I was not let down!

Starting with the early at Whale beach we scored my ideal wave ( a wedgy little lefthander) , followed by an all time breaky at a trendy cafe in Freshwater, we then took to bodywomping, an all time favourite hobby of Marks.

Ill be returning to the Northern beaches very soon , i wasn't let down at all. 

all photos by Mark Clinton of www.markclintonphoto.com

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Failing the old paddle power

Lately ive had no luck with paddling this gem of a wave. Im not sure if its the direction weve had here for the last few swells or if its my arms giving way on me, i really have just been getting owned here.

photo by Jordan Barta

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Wow what a week after Splendour In the Grass up in Byron. An amazing weekend, one that i will not forget but the pain i endured afterwards for the next week was cruel. As a detox we were blessed on the east coast with a swell originating off the Queensland coast and heading south. Delivering clean long period lines accompanied with crisp westerly winds. Camping, hanging out with mates and scoring some hell fun waves is exactly what i needed after that cruel week of the Splendour come down.

All photos by Kian Bourke Steer of www.bourke-steer.tumblr.com 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cold, wet and windy

About a month ago Sydney was drenched in what seemed like a continuos downpour of not only rain but negativity. I was lucky enough to escape to the lovely islands of Indonesia however before this i endured what seemed like the coldest surf i've had out sydney. Captured by the smiling Kian Bourke Steer we still got a few little gems. See more of Kians photos on bourke-steer.tumblr.com

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Down the deep south

On the good olds Queens Birthday, we're treated with a long weekend in Australia. We were lucky this coincided with a swell out of the deep South West. We ventured close to the South Australian border, led by our trusty captain Brendan Rowney, in hunt for some "Travel time". Along for the journey was Jud and Jordan equipped with some flimsy camping gear for some harsh conditions. Unfortunately we didnt get the waves we hoped for, but it was fun exploring some new coastline and finding some gold.