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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


We got the infamous 2s on earlier this month. Its been a real long time since she's been up and we took advantage of the situation. Brenno and Myself took the ski out whilst Chris (brenno's dad) and Adam Souter went out on the boat to get the shots from the channel. It was an unreal session as it was the first real slab surf i've had since i hurt my knee 2 months prior. Everyone was pysched and going hard. Props to Shano for having a massive dig out there and Breno (lidder) getting a standup pit and putting everyone on show. check out more of Adam Souter's shots on adamsoutercollective.tumblr.com/

 this was my first wave and got towed soo deep, got hammered but it got the butterflies outa my stomach

 brenno over the falls

 shano on his first wave ever at 2s, he was still keen for another one after this

 we tried a few towout airs at the bommie
 troyo on a double up

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


last night (wednesday) Dragon Optics had there launch for there new sunnies, "orbit" at the BACKROOM at the cross. My mates Nath and Beau from up the coast gave me the heads up as Beau is sponsored by Dragon and said there'll be free drinks and heaps of hotties. So straight to the cross on a wednesday (weird) but hell fun night. Here's a few flicks from the night. Props to Owen Wright for standing infront of the Dragon sign all night getting photos with dereks

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fighting Fear

"Fighting Fear" is a movie based on the two lives of local Maroubra boys, Mark Mathews and Richie Vaculik. It shows the struggles and feats of how they have both made it to a respected level within thier sports, surfing and cage fighting. It is directed and made also by local Maroubra boy Macario de Souza, a great film and well worth a watch help support the boys by seeing it at any of the cinemas at the moment. Here's a couple flicks of the movie premier last thursday at fox studios

Sunday, 6 November 2011


its not very often that Yarra bay is usually up, it's a well protected beach facing the west. In order for it to break swell must refract off the breakwall around 500 meters away and then head in the east direction towards the sailing club. It's not a very good wave but more of a novelty for the bodyboarders as it has a very good wedge in the corner which sends a wave parallel to the shoreline ending in a heavy closeout. When i got a call from Brenno last monday saying it was up i was keen to check it out and try out my new 400mm lense. It wasnt all time yarra but conditions were perfect... heres a couple shots of brenno and marty